Distance Healing is a special technique whereby a REIKI practitioner sends life energy to someone without that person being physically present during the treatment.

REIKI literally means Universal Life Energy.

The world is one great flow of energy, and by applying REIKI, this energy drops into the right channels. This triggers a healing that many people experience as coming home, warmth, being cherished, and lightness.

REIKI is sent to you by means of a distance symbol. The energy you receive is exactly the same as if you were lying on the treatment table, only now at a distance.

What does a Distance Healing do for you?

REIKI can dissolve blockages of energy, heal pain, recharge, soothe and support life energy. For both physical and mental complaints REIKI is fantastic to receive. It is a powerful yet gentle method to help body and mind relax, let energy flow and recharge.

How do you feel after a Distance Healing?

* inner peace in body and mind
* a sense of calmness, balance and serenity
* renewed strength, more energy
* a charged body
* feeling cherished and welcome in this world
* pain is (considerably) softened or disappears
* improved sleep, deeper sleep and waking up rested.

After receiving REIKI remotely, a deep state of relaxation almost always comes over you. REIKI always travels with you and continues to heal body and mind for days to come.


A short introduction and intake takes place via :

at : vanderperrejan@outlook.com

Feel free to add me and leave me a message so we can meet up.

You can also reach me by phone.

+32 488 15 61 37

Payment is made in advance and via :


For further information, please contact me.

The actual session runs as follows :

You sit quietly on a chair in front of the camera and relax as much as possible.
While you relax I will tune in and take note of your energy field.
This takes about 15 minutes.
During the Skype session you can already feel something.
We close the session and afterwards I continue the session at home.
If you have any comments or questions afterwards, you can always contact me again.


'For two years now Jan has been giving me Reiki for various small problems I had : frozen shoulder, joint pains, back pain, insomnia and general stress. Each time I felt amazingly reinforced and the symptoms vanished after a few days.'
Wim, 57, August 2018

'Years of sinusitis. Went three time to Jan. All gone.'
Dirk, 43, December 2018

'I was given Jan's contact details by a friend who had recommended that I get treatments from him to cure my debilitating headaches that I had been getting almost every week for several years. I was happy that he worked at a distance because we live in different countries. We chatted on skype and he was very honest and trustworthy. I felt the effect of Jan's healing work straight away ; I felt him working on a very deep level that I cannot really describe but I felt entirely supported, and was happy to answer the questions he had. Since the treatments about 3 months ago, my headaches have gone. I am extremely grateful not to be in regular pain any more. I had tried everything!'
Francis, 47, London, January 2019

'Jan has helped me with low back pain and sore throat. He has been doing distance healing for me with spectacular results.'
Pascal, 57, March 2019

'From about the age of six, I had an average of 3 to 4 times a week of enormous headaches or a migraine attack. A painkiller and going to sleep was the only way to deal with it. Through Jan I got to know Tera Mai Reiki in October 2019 and after a few treatments, first a physical one and then from a distance, the headaches and migraine attacks disappeared completely. My complaints have not returned since then'. - Julian, 21, November 2020.

'Jan, your Reiki treatment yesterday has done well. Thank You for your good care'. - Richard, 55, November 2020.

'In recent years Jan has cured my back pain and insomnia. The special thing was that he did it without physically meeting me. How extraordinary and how practical in these times of COVID-19 !'
William, 59, December 2020


Jan Vanderperre (°1988), studied Music (flute)

ZEN Meditatie (2004)

TAI CHI (2010)

Basic Corporate Management (2016, SYNTRA, Antwerpen)

REIKI Master (2017)

Recommended site : www.sofiatopia.org

www.lotusreiki.info | vanderperrejan@gmail.com | +32 488 15 61 37 | @lotusreiki.jan