For years now, I focus on health. A healthy mind in a healthy body inspires to be completely oneself.

REIKI helps in a wide range of situations. The symptom or condition is not important. REIKI helps to restore balance so that you feel better. In general there is improvement after the first REIKI session.


After a short intake, You will be asked to lie down on a comfortable massage table, fully dressed. I put myself in a quiet state, and then place my hands near, or on different parts of the body, including head, shoulders, trunk, knees and feet. My hands will then stay in each area for a few minutes before moving to a next position.

Most people experience a deep state of relaxation, allowing the body to heal completely. The natural balance of the body is strengthened.

A full session lasts 60 minutes.

My specialty : back problems, insomnia and fatigue.

REIKI also helps with :

* relaxation
* osteoarthritis
* stress
* intestinal complaints
* migraine
* strengthens the immune system
* detoxification
* concentration disorders
* memory problems
* releasing emotional ballast
* changing negative patterns and addictions
* promotion of mental well-being

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Jan Vanderperre (°1988)

You are welcome to contact me so we can plan a Skype session.

Happy to answer all your questions !

Recommended site : www.sofiatopia.org

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