My practice is located in Brasschaat.

I also heal-at-a-distance, but then we need to have a Skype intake first.
Just add me.

My Skype ID :

Jan Vanderperre

Payment is possible via International Bank Transfer or Western Union.

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Or directly by phone

+ 32 (0)488 15 61 37

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'For two years now Jan has been giving me Reiki for various small problems I had : frozen shoulder, joint pains, back pain, insomnia and general stress. Each time I felt amazingly reinforced and the symptoms vanished after a few days.' - Wim, 57, August 2018

'Years of sinusitis. Went three time to Jan. All gone.' - Dirk, 43, December 2018

'I was given Jan's contact details by a friend who had recommended that I get treatments from him to cure my debilitating headaches that I had been getting almost every week for several years. I was happy that he worked at a distance because we live in different countries. We chatted on skype and he was very honest and trustworthy. I felt the effect of Jan's healing work straight away ; I felt him working on a very deep level that I cannot really describe but I felt entirely supported, and was happy to answer the questions he had. Since the treatments about 3 months ago, my headaches have gone. I am extremely grateful not to be in regular pain any more. I had tried everything !' - Francis, 47, London, January 2019

'Jan has helped me with low back pain and sore throat. He has been doing distance healing for me with spectacular results.' - Pascal, 57, January 2019


Jan Vanderperre (°1988), studied Music (Flute)

ZEN Meditation (2004)

TAI CH'I (2010)

Basic Business Management (2016, SYNTRA, Antwerp)

REIKI Master (2017)

www.lotusreiki.info | vanderperrejan@gmail.com | +32 488 15 61 37 | @lotusreiki.jan