At a fairly young age, I started asking questions about the deeper meaning of life. What fascinated me most was the fact that this moment we may experience life as a miracle while some time later that same life becomes seemingly unbearable. What determines this ? How understand and change it ?

Because nobody I knew was struggling with this, I went looking for answers at the local library. Psychology and hypnosis seemed interesting, but the literature was too difficult. I realized hypnosis was not the solution I was looking for. Getting to know and transform your own mind seemed better.

founder of Ch'an Buddhism

Then my eye fell on Ayya Khema's book Learning Yourself (2002).

Ayya ​​Khema wrote in a way that everyone can follow and her meditations take the reader step by step. Meditation was explained as something ordinary. Something that you can try for yourself ! I was 16 and started. Via a friend, I got introduced to Zen Buddhism, in particular the Antwerp Ho sen Dojo (Soto Zen).

Zen Buddhism came to Japan via China. There it was introduced by Bodhidharma as Ch'an, but originated in India ('ch'an' means 'meditation' or 'dhyāna' in Sanskrit). 'Zazen', means 'just sitting' ; 'sitting meditation' ('za' is Japanese for 'sitting' and 'zen' is 'meditation', but also 'understanding'). By practicing ZAZEN we remember our body posture and our breathing ; we train our mindfulness.

First there is an intake interview followed by the instruction (How to do it ?) and by meditating together. This takes 45 minutes.

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Jan Vanderperre (°1988)

ZEN Meditatie (2004)

TAI CHI (2010)

REIKI Master (2017)

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